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If you thought any film with a title like Hot Tub Time Machine would automatically take a drubbing from critics, you’d only be half right. The film is receiving any number of positive reviews. In his review in the Chicago Tribune, Michael Phillips notes, “Hot Tub Time Machine accomplishes what Snakes on a Plane did not: It offers a merrily idiotic movie to go with its willfully idiotic title.” Joe Neumaier in the New York Daily News admits he was surprised by the movie’s “perfect collision of high-energy and high concept.” It is, he says, “actually pretty damn funny, in an admittedly dumb-funny way.” Lou Lumenick in the New York Post pays it the ultimate tribute: “Bottom line,” he writes, “Hot Tub Time Machine is even funnier than The Hangover.” On the other hand, Joe Morgenstern asks in the Wall Street Journal: “How bad must a movie be to be good fun? How dumb to be smart? … Whatever the case, Hot Tub Time Machine doesn’t make the cut.” And Amy Biancolli concludes in the San Francisco Chronicle that “it’s more like Lost meets “The Hangover plus squirrels — but five-alarm language and widescreen shots of projectile vomit prove more tiresome than clever.”