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By Zeus! Sam Worthington has suddenly become the demigod star of the 21st century. After all, not only did his performance in Avatar produce all-time box-office records, but he has just set another record in the lead role in Clash of the Titans, which debuted with an estimated $61.4 million — $64.1 million if Thursday-night previews are included — the most any film has ever earned over an Easter weekend, according to Warner Bros. Of course, 3D screenings may have played a supporting role of their own in helping Worthington shine (certainly audiences didn’t flock to the theaters to see the Kraken, did they?), but Warner’s was quick to point out that 3D venues accounted for only 52 percent of the movie’s gross. With two other 3D blockbusters, How to Train Your Dragon and Allice in Wonderland, fighting to hold on to as many 3D screens as they could, just 42 percent of theaters showing Titans did so in 3D. Moreover, Worthington also starred in the non-3D hit Terminator: Salvation last year. No, as Roger Moore pointed out in his review of Titans: “Worthington is emerging as the new Charlton Heston — an actor big enough to fill a big screen with his bigness.” Manohla Dargis in the New York Times called him “Russell Crowe 2.0.” Then again, some writers have pointed out that most moviegoers would have difficulty coming up with the name of the star of Terminator: Salvation, Avatar, and Clash of the Titans. Those writers suggest that Worthington enroll in charisma classes. As Ty Burr remarked in the Boston Globe: “Could somebody at least sit this man down in front of an Errol Flynn movie?”

  • Ramubay

    Heston and Flynn didn’t have to appear in films that were mostly about animated scenes. It’s hard to steal the scene away from characters that can morph right in front of you.

  • John D

    Makes sense… Just saw the movie with a friend and she called him “that guy in the lead.” when I told her he was the main guy in avatar she responded with, “huh, that is where he’s from?”

    That said, the acting and directing in this movie was awful. I blame it on leterrier. He directed a suckfest with the hulk afterall…

  • BugBumpin

    I don’t think a couple of high-grossing big-budget explosion-action-fests justify calling the guy either “the new Charlton Heston” or “Russel Crowe 2.0”

  • Bud

    Already forgot who this bloke was.I saw the Clash REemake for 1 reason-Liam Neeson-remember him? Icon,superstar ,Man with actual talent,charm-everything this Worthingless lacks.
    He is not even in Daniel Craig’s league-another icon and actual talented man
    Can we just stop talking about this bloke now?

  • Jordan

    He’s not a good actor. Just another stone face who has extreme difficulty displaying any sort of emotion. That scene just after his family drowned where he was shown crying, well lets just say I’ve fake cried better over a scraped knee.

    I’m sorry but he’s just riding the producer love right now. They don’t know shit. It’s simply known that Worthington movies are selling, but don’t really care whether or not he’s the one selling them. They simply sign him a.s.a.p and hope for another record. However if you look at the movies he’s starring in

    Clash of the Titans

    It would be more of a challenge finding an actor that could PREVENT these movies from claiming some sort of record. Sorry Sam Worthington, you are not special (and DEFINITELY not Russel Crowe 2.0)

    He’ll be gone in a few years.

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  • Jackie

    I knew his name after watching Terminator: Salvation. People just need to pay better attention to the actor’s names, and work. I don’t care about their personal lives.