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Many retail outlets displaying 3D television sets in areas served by Comcast, Cox, and some smaller cable systems attracted big crowds Thursday as Tiger Woods fans crammed into them to see his return to golf at the Masters in Augusta, GA. Most customers were apparently impressed by ESPN’s 3D telecast. The Hartford Courant quoted one viewer at a Best Buy store as saying, “This is very tempting stuff,” presumably meaning that his appetite for 3D TV had been whetted. “You can see back and back and back and all the way back.” The store was pricing a 46-inch Samsung model at $2,599.99 plus $150 for each pair of 3D glasses. Another viewer in the same store balked not at the price of the TV set but at the price of the glasses. “What if you have 15 people at your house,” he asked. Nevertheless, he acknowledged, “It makes you feel closer to the action.”