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If Charlie Sheen is unable to return to Two and a Half Men next season because of his personal and legal difficulties, Warner Bros. TV plans to discontinue producing the show, according to RadarOnline. The website quoted what it described as a well-placed Warner Bros. source as saying, “There has been absolutely no discussion about reworking Two and a Half Men without Charlie. No one is even considering it.” His comments contradict reports that have appeared on other websites suggesting that Warner Bros. is looking for a replacement for Sheen in hopes of keeping TV’s highest-rated sitcom alive. On Monday, the celebrity website TMZ said that Sheen’s uncle, Joe Estevez, plans to meet with Men producer Chuck Lorre and offer to substitute for his nephew until he is able to return. Estevez, the brother of Martin Sheen, Charlie’s father, plans to suggest that the writers create an episode in which Charlie’s character has gone missing and his uncle arrives to look after Charlie’s son. However, the RadarOnline source said flatly, “At this moment, if Charlie doesn’t come back, that’s the end of the series.”