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Who says Conan O’Brien can’t draw big ratings? His appearance on CBS’s 60 Minutes Sunday night produced the highest ratings of the night. The newsmagazine averaged a 9.9 rating and a 17 share, translating to 13.33 million viewers. Most of O’Brien’s comments had already been released to the press; however, the appearance of O’Brien’s wife Liza gave the interview an additional dimension. After O’Brien insisted that all that had happened to him would probably work out for the best, Liza told 60 Minutes‘s Steve Kroft, “This was just really, really hard for him. It was watching someone’s heart get broken.” Meanwhile, Jeff Gaspin, chairman of NBC Universal Television Entertainment, has indicated in a New York Times intervie that he felt relieved when he learned that O’Brien had signed with the cable channel TBS. “I don’t have to worry about Conan anymore,” Gaspin said, suggesting that he believes a cable channel cannot compete with a broadcast network. “Whereas if he was on Fox we’d all be, you know, what’s it going to do [to our ratings]? … That’s all over. The Conan story is gone for me.”