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Ratings trackers were puzzling over figures for this year’s season finales — which not only were well below those for previous years but below several regular season episodes as well. “It seems to be an anticlimactic TV season,” industry publication MediaPost said on its website Thursday, a day after the 2009-2010 season officially closed. Even series finales like those for 24, Lost and Law & Order produced mediocre results. MediaPost observed that although NBC renewed the relatively low-rated Chuck for another season, its two-hour season finale produced its lowest ratings of the season. Particularly surprising was Wednesday’s ratings results for the season finale of American Idol. Although they remained well above those for any entertainment program during the season, they were nevertheless lower than at any time since the talent show debuted as a summer replacement in 2002 — down 18 percent from a year ago. (For the season its ratings were down 7 percent.)