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CBS and NBC have turned down an ad critical of plans to build a mosque and a Muslim community center two blocks away from where the World Trade Center towers once stood. The ad, produced by the National Republican Trust PAC, shows images of the 9/11 attack while a narrator intones: “To celebrate that murder of 3,000 Americans, they want to build a monstrous 13-story mosque at Ground Zero. … This ground is sacred. Where we weep, they rejoice … that mosque is a monument to their victory.” In announcing its decision to reject the spot, NBC said that the spot made it unclear whether the “they,” referenced in the ads are terrorists or the Islamic group sponsoring the construction of the mosque. Commented Mediaite, the media news site launched by former MSNBC general manager and host Dan Abrams: “The conclusion the viewer is encouraged to draw essentially [is] that Osama bin Laden is building this mosque. Or something very much to that effect.”