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August 19, 2010 by · 1 Comment 

James Cameron, who contributed his expertise on deep-sea diving to government and BP officials during the recent oil-spill crisis, and who has made several trips to the Brazilian rain forest, says that he will incorporate his experiences into the next two Avatar sequels. In an interview with Kyle Buchanan, the senior editor at, Cameron said, “Every experience that you have in your life as a filmmaker is going to affect what you do, and those were both situations where I was directly involved.” Cameron, who called BP officials “morons” for their handling of the oil spill, added, “Sure, absolutely I’m going to use that for my further condemnation of corporations wrecking the natural world.” He also promised to use his experiences he derived while staying with the indigenous people in the Amazon on two separate trips to the area, saying that they not only influence “how I’m going to write the characters and the detail that I’m going to bring to it, but it also forces me to be very, very responsible about what their issues are.” Some conservative commentators have condemned Avatar as little more than liberal propaganda. A review posted on Andrew Breitbart’s Big Hollywood blog was headlined: “A Big, Dull, America-Hating, PC Revenge Fantasy”