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British actress Sienna Miller, last seen costarring in G.I. Joe: The Rise of Cobra, has said she will file a lawsuit against Rupert Murdoch’s London tabloid News of the World after learning that it had hacked into her telephone voicemail. The lawsuit could force authorities to disclose what some reports have indicated are thousands of British political figures and celebrities who were victims of illegal hacking by News of the World and perhaps other newspapers owned by Murdoch. In an interview with today’s Guardian newspaper, lawyer Dominic Crossley, an expert on privacy cases, said that the lawsuits have “the capacity to reveal the full extent of the News of the World‘s unlawful activities. If that does happen, and the names are all revealed, then all those names will have the ability to bring a privacy case against the paper.” Last Sunday the New York Times disclosed that in an effort to keep a lid on “hackergate,” News of the World had already settled two privacy cases for well over $1 million. Meanwhile, a lawyer for Sean Hoare, the former News of the World reporter who told the Times that former editor Andy Coulson was well aware of the hacking, said today that his client had been interviewed by Scotland Yard. Reports earlier this week had said that acting Labor Party leader Harriet Harman was expected to confront Prime Minister David Cameron for the first time over his appointment of Coulson as his spokesman at today’s (Wednesday) weekly “Prime Minister’s Questions” in the House of Commons. She did not. The two leading candidates to assume the Labor Party leadership, brothers David and Ed Miliband, have each called for Coulson to be fired. Other critics have described Coulson as the link between Murdoch’s media empire and the British government.