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Director Arthur Penn, whose films include Bonnie and Clyde, The Miracle Worker, Little Big Man, and The Missouri Breaks died Tuesday in New York at age 88. Penn was nominated for an Oscar for Bonnie and Clyde (one of ten nominations for the movie), but lost to Mike Nichols for The Graduate. “It’s hard to think of a director who changed the course of Hollywood films as much with one movie as Arthur Penn,” Los Angeles Times media columnist Patrick Goldstein wrote today (Thursday). Nevertheless, he observed, “he was given the bum’s rush over and over by the barons of the movie business. Few filmmakers of Penn’s stature have been treated as badly as he was, both during his ascent and decline.” Penn himself attributed his decline to a change in audience tastes. In 1982 he told an interviewer: “There’s now this wonderful storyteller Spielberg making benign movies that are enormously successful, while I’m known mainly for making movies about people shooting and cutting each other up. I love his work, but I could never make stuff like that.”