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CBS-owned stations in major markets last Monday devoted part of their early-evening newscasts to promoting the premiere of the new Hawaii Five-0 that night in what veteran TV critic Robert Feder called “a well-coordinated plan to prostitute the newscasts of CBS-owned stations nationwide.” On his blog at Vocalo.org, Feder, who for 28 years was the Chicago Sun-Times‘s TV columnist, was particularly critical of Chicago’s CBS outlet WBBM-TV, which, he said, “ran commercials for weeks featuring its top news talent pimping for Hawaii Five-0.” Feder summed up: “In the big picture, Channel 2’s sell-out for Hawaii Five-0 is one more example of how the station’s New York bosses are calling the shots on everything from hiring to the format and promotional content of newscasts. It’s hard to see how any of it benefits viewers.” Earlier this week, the website FTV.com reported that WCBS-TV in New York “went so far to have WCBS weather anchor Lonnie Quinn gave the forecast for Honolulu before giving the forecast for the WCBS coverage area.” Commented Scott Jones, who runs the site: “Hijacking a large market newscast and turning it into [one] long promo should be a crime.” And an L.A. “insider” blog reported that the KCBS-TV anchors in Los Angeles on Monday even wore leis on the air.