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Veteran NBC newsman Edwin Newman died on August 13 in Oxford, England at the age of 91, his family disclosed Wednesday, saying that it had delayed announcing his death to allow it time for “privately grieving.” Newman was a frequent presence on NBC news programs for 32 years, from 1952 to his retirement in 1984. In its obituary, the Associated Press remarked that he “brought literacy, wit and energy to NBC newscasts” and that he also wrote and narrated documentaries “back when they were an influential staple of network programming.” In a statement, former NBC anchor Tom Brokaw said, “Ed Newman was an early role model for my generation of NBC News correspondents — worldly, erudite and droll, qualities that were enriched by his pitch-perfect use of the English language.”

  • gia

    What a real shame. I’ve wondered what had happened to him. In no way do I pretend to be an expert on the English language but have wittnessed over the years the the rapid deteriorization of it through the likes of facebook, texting and worst  of all, the fact that basic grammer and punctuation are no longer taught in schools. In fact, I even see school signs with numbers substituted 4 (for) words if u (you) get my drift . We have misguided, complacent educators teaching lazy, unmotivated students and it’s no wonder most people can’t spell, read or write a cohesive sentence.

    I am currently reading his book “Strictly Speaking” written in the mid – seventies and I think it’s hilarious that he writes about many of the things (speechwise) that are still going on today. I remember the seventies well and I remember language being pretty corrupted even then but nothing compared to what it is today

    We tend to write and speak in terms of emotion instead of true definition or meaning. It doesn’t matter if I use the wrong word as long as you “get” what I’m “feeling”.     

    Now, with the loss of  Mr.Newman I wonder what will become of the English language. Will it descend into text/rap speak until no one knows what anyone else is talking about anymore?  I already have trouble “getting” it.

    Anyway, not that he can be easily replaced, but I hopinng that someday soon there will be someone who cares enough about the English language to try to save it.

  • Lew Irwin

    While I agree with many of your sentiments, I would have to point out — with all due respect — that you yourself are guilty of many of the same errors you complain about. Your letter does not indicate when you learned the rules of grammar, punctuation, and spelling, but you give them slack observance here.

    Consider: “have wittnessed over the years”

    You have misspelled “witnessed.”

    “the the rapid deteriorization”

    Only one “the,” and you mean “deterioration.”

    “likes of facebook”

    “Facebook” should be capitalized.

    “basic grammer and punctuation”

    You have misspelled “grammar.”

    “unmotivated students and it’s no wonder”

    A comma needs to be inserted after “students.”

    “book “Strictly Speaking” written in the”

    A comma needs to be inserted after “book” and “Speaking.”

    “seventies and I think it’s hilarious “

    A comma needs to be inserted after “seventies.”

    “(speechwise) that are still ”

    You mean “speech-wise.”

    “the seventies well and I remember”

    A comma needs to be inserted after “seventies.”

    “then but nothing compared to what it is today “

    You mean “compared with.”

    “you ‘get’ what I’m ‘feeling’.”

    The period needs to be moved inside the quotation mark

    “with the loss of Mr.Newman I wonder”

    You need a space after “Mr.” and a comma after “Newman.”

    “but I hopinng that someday”

    Presumably you mean “I am hoping.”

    May I respectfully suggest that you at least avail yourself of a good