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CNN on Wednesday confirmed that Piers Morgan will replace retiring interviewer Larry King. Morgan is best known in America as a judge on America’s Got Talent (he also serves as a judge on the British version of the show) and the 2008 winner of NBC’s Celebrity Apprentice. He is also a former editor of the News of the World and the Daily Mirror but was forced to resign from the latter paper following revelations that it published doctored photos of British troops abusing Iraqi prisoners. CNN said on Wednesday that Morgan will take over King’s 9:00 p.m. slot in January, but it was not clear whether King will leave earlier. He had previously said he would leave in the fall (which officially begins on September 22). Speaking with reporters following the announcement Morgan vowed to recapture King’s ratings. “I didn’t join the network to come in second or third or fourth,” Morgan said. “I want to be first.” Later, in an interview with the Hollywood Reporter, Morgan insisted that he will not offer his own opinions about news events during his CNN program. “When it comes to my TV interviews, I don’t like to be part of them. I like to be journalistically rigorous and get the truth out of them, not force my opinions down the viewers’ throat. I want them to be electrified by the combat between me and the guest.” He also observed that, unlike his Fox News competition, his program will air all over the world. “I want this to be the most credible and popular interview program in the world. I want to create headlines and get ratings up — particularly in America. I’d like to get CNN back to No. 1. Everything else I’ve done on television has been No. 1.”