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Resident Evil: Afterlife, although not screened in advance for critics, nevertheless ended up getting mostly decent reviews from them over the weekend. Michael Ordoña wrote in the Los Angeles Times that “the action is easier to read than in most films of the genre, and therefore more enjoyable. Anderson makes particular use of sets and locations to wring out more bang for the stereoscopic buck. No, it doesn’t have the immersive quality of Avatar, but the film does represent a step toward making 3-D par for the course.” The Toronto Star assigned its TV critic, Rob Salem, to review the movie, because as he himself observed, “the real movie critics” are attending the Toronto Film Festival. “You film geeks resent the fact that in my job I never have to leave the house, and very rarely is anything over an hour long. Well, the laugh’s on you, movie monkeys. Resident Evil: Afterlife actually isn’t half bad. Which I guess, to the pessimist, means it isn’t half good. But what do you want? They’re 3-D zombies!” But Tirdad Derakhshani in the Philadelphia Inquirer clearly thinks that zombie movies ought to be judged like any others. “Resident Evil: Afterlife lacks the humanity — interesting characters, funny one-liners — that made its predecessors enjoyable B-movies,” he writes. “All we have here are senseless, and ultimately boring, killings.”

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