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People don’t visit their local McDonald’s, Wal-Mart’s or their supermarket to rent a film from a Redbox machine at the front of the stores, a Redbox executive observed Wednesday as he rejected proposals to turn his kiosks into video stations where DVD renters would be able to download onto flashdrives any of thousands of movies and television shows. (Current Redbox locations stock about 630 discs.) Speaking at an investors conference in New York, Redbox CFO J. Scott Di Valerio said that the company already has the capability of providing such a service. However, he added, “our consumers are not really asking for it.” He noted that it would be unlikely for most of them to be carrying flashdrives when they visit the stores or have the patience to wait while a movie is downloaded onto them. Meanwhile, the company has stepped up its effort to install its kiosks at convenience store locations. It announced today (Thursday) that it had signed agreements with EZ Mart Stores, Inc., Fastrac Markets, Murphy Express and VPS Convenience Store Group located in the Northeast, Southeast and Midwest.