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Saying that it represents “the rebirth of a dream,” Roger Ebert announced on his blog over the weekend that he is reviving his film-review show At the Movies on PBS in January. It will be hosted, he said, by Associated Press film critic Christy Lemire and former New York Times critic Elvis Mitchell, who now reviews films for NPR. The original show, featuring Ebert and the late Gene Siskel, originated on PBS in 1973, then moved into commercial syndication in 1982. It folded last month. The new show will also bring back Ebert’s trademarked “Thumbs Up/Thumbs Down” instant ratings, abandoned when Ebert left the show to be treated for cancer, which left him unable to speak. Now, aided by a computer that can speak his typed words in his own voice, he plans to contribute commentaries on film to the new At the Movies. In an emailed message to the Los Angeles Times, he suggested that the series will become an alternative to current movie coverage, which, he said, “is celeb-driven gossip and chatter. … It’s obsessed with box-office numbers. It’s always upbeat. The critics are often not qualified.”