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Larry King bravely smiled through an onslaught of jibes from Jerry Seinfeld Thursday night that would have rivaled any bombardment by insult comic Don Rickles. Saying it would be his last appearance on King’s CNN show (it goes off the air in December), Seinfeld said that he agreed to appear on it because “this is the funniest show on TV.” A startled King, replied, “What?” And without missing a beat, Seinfeld continued, “This show makes no sense. That you sit here and ask these questions night after night and nobody answers them and nobody cares. And it goes on and on and on and you sit here and you look like you’re ready to order. … I always think you’re going to look up and go, ‘Is the corned beef lean?'” Attempting to recover, King asked, “So you see me with President Carter, you laugh?” Seinfeld showed no sign of relenting. “Yes,” he replied, “because you’re like an uncle that cornered somebody at a Thanksgiving dinner and you just start peppering them with questions and they’re holding a piece of cake and they can’t get away. And that’s who you are. You’re like an annoying relative that people love, but you’re annoying.” A moment later, Seinfeld remarked, “The idea of a world with no Larry King is inconceivable, which is why CNN will change their mind before this season is over, before, what is it, December 18th?” King: “16th.” Seinfeld: “16th. It will go to the 18th. That’s how strong you are.”