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The satellite DISH Network, which had previously benefited from retransmission disputes between cable companies and content providers, has now found itself embroiled in one itself with Fox’s cable networks. At midnight, Fox halted sending signals for FX, National Geographic Channel and 19 regional sports networks to DISH. But unlike the last retransmission dispute when ABC yanked its signal from Cablevision for several hours on the day of the Oscar telecast in February, this one does not appear to be headed for a short life. DISH said that it had asked Fox to allow it to continue carrying the channels while talks were going on but that Fox refused. Fox countered that DISH was the one that “decided to no longer carry Fox Networks cable programming.” In a statement, DISH senior vice president of programming Dave Shull said, “DISH Network is not going to allow Fox or any programmer to bully our customers into paying such an unconscionable price increase,” which Shull said amounted to 50 percent. Fox, however, insisted that its proposal “is fair and in line with the tremendous value we provide.” It directed DISH customers to a website providing information about alternative providers,