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Following a protest by the Bosnian Women Victims of War, the Bosnian government has yanked Angelina Jolie’s permit to shoot parts of her upcoming film in the country. Jolie had already begun filming the untitled movie, her first film as a director, in Budapest, when she learned it had been denounced by the war victims association, Bakira Hasecic. “In the film, a victim is really falling in love with her torturer,” Bakira Hasecic told the Oslobodjenje daily newspaper. A spokesman for Jolie’s film company insisted however, that the movie has little to do with torture and is in fact a love story. He said that Jolie is willing to meet with Hasecic to discuss her plans for the movie. Oslobodjenje said that Jolie told the women’s group in a letter, “Don’t judge me before you see the film.”