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Cablevision, the cable company serving most of the New York area, has accused Fox of refusing to negotiate in good faith and has asked the FCC to order that Fox immediately restore its signal to its system and submit to binding arbitration. For its part, Fox submitted a document to the commission describing its negotiations with Cablevision for more than a year and demanded that Cablevision executives return to the negotiating table. In a statement, Cablevision spokesman Charles Schueler said, “News Corp never engaged in real negotiations; they only made a ‘take it or leave it proposal for Fox 5, and they timed the Fox blackout to leverage major national sporting events to force Cablevision to accept unreasonable demands.” Many of Major League Baseball’s post-season games have been blacked out in the Cablevision area, and it now appears that the World Series will also not be available to Cablevision subscribers. Fox rejected Cablevision’s assertions. “Fox has negotiated in good faith,” spokesman Scott Grogin told Reuters. “We have never made any ‘take it or leave it’ demands, nor are we asking for $150 million in fees.”