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CBS may have attracted much attention earlier this year when it aired the 2010 NCAA Men’s Final Four semifinal and national championship games in 3D and later the U.S. Open to a handful of theaters and a handful of homes that have installed 3D television sets, but it has no plans for additional 3D telecasts. “As we go into 3D, there really is no way that my boss or our company is going to allow us to get into the technology unless it is paid for,” CBS Sports exec Ken Aagaard told the Paul Kagan Conference on 3D Media Markets in New York on Wednesday. As reported by, Aagaard made it clear that CBS will remain on the sidelines until 3D telecasts can at least break even. observed that CBS’s approach contrasts sharply with that of ESPN, DirecTV and Discovery Communications who have shown a willingness to assume losses “in order to establish a 3D beachhead.”