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A Westbury, CT firm claims to have discovered the 3D holy grail, a process that can convert 2D images relatively easily into 3D, then make them available on ordinary television or in print where they appear as a normal 2D image or, with special glasses, 3D. Moreover, the company, 3-D Visions, intends to present an elaborate demonstration of its FullColor 3D technology on the Oct. 29 Rachael Ray Show, which the company has converted. Viewers, it promises, will be able to watch the show in 2D, or they can view it in 3D with special glasses that will be included in 2.4 million copies of the Oct. 25 issue of TV Guide. In addition, it said in a statement on Monday, images in the magazine itself can be viewed with the glasses in 3D. Less than a week before the program airs, the company has not yet previewed the process for disinterested parties — apparently not even for Rachael Ray‘s producers. In its announcement on Monday, the company quoted Joe Freed, the show’s co-executive producer, as saying, “We’ve been dying to make a 3-D show for a long time and are excited to be working with 3-D Vision! We are looking forward to seeing how they bring this opportunity to life!”