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The war logs released by WikiLeaks on Friday shed little additional light on the deaths of journalists killed by the U.S. military during the Iraq War. Britain’s Guardian newspaper, which was given prior access to the documents, reported that they show that reporter Asaad Kadhim, who worked for the U.S. funded TV station al-Iraqiya, and his driver were killed in 2004 outside a base housing U.S. special forces at Samarra after they were seen taping and warned to stop. (A soldier received permission to fire warning shots.) When they entered their vehicle and drove towards the soldiers, they opened fire, the documents show. “A patrol investigated the vehicle and found two dead, one injured and one uninjured. The casualties were taken to the compound, treated, questioned and released. The casualties had documentation identifying them as members of the Iraqi media network,” the documents state. The Guardian observed that following the shooting a coalition spokesman promised that there would be “accountability” for the incident. “We will provide information. You will be able to assess that information independently,” a coalition spokesman said at the time. But in an email to the Guardian, a spokesman for the New York-based Committee to Protect Journalists said, “They have not come back with results” of their investigation.