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Like its predecessors, Saw VII 3D was not screened in advance for most critics. But Roger Moore, who reviews movies for the Orlando Sentinel and the Knight Ridder Tribune news service, managed to get a look at the film — and his review demonstrates why Lionsgate, Saw‘s studio, and other studios generally do not show horror flicks to critics. Moore writes: “Whatever moral lessons were presented in the earliest Saw films seem to have been dispensed with as the movies grow more and more gruesome. … Pandering to the ‘Cool, let’s see that again’ crowd has made Lionsgate rich but done nothing for this unendurable endurance contest of this long-enduring film franchise.” Lionsgate is saying that this latest installment will mark the end of the Saw series, but few analysts are taking bets on that actually happening. However, Moore concludes his review by remarking, “Any signs of life the series showed in the last installment … were premature. This corpse is cold and getting colder.”