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After days of silence, Rick Sanchez has released a statement saying that he phoned Jon Stewart “to apologize for my inartful comments from last week.” His use of the term “inartful” will likely not mollify his critics. It appears in no printed dictionary and the late William Safire wrote in 2008 that it came into use only in recent years in political discussions to mean “awkwardly expressed but not necessarily untrue; impolitic; ill-phrased.” Sanchez had called Stewart a “bigot” and had gone on to imply that Jews control the media. Said Sanchez in his statement: “Despite  what my tired and mangled words may have implied, they were never intended to suggest any sort of narrow-mindedness and should never have been made.” (Sanchez did not explain what they were intended to suggest.) In closing, Sanchez expressed his “highest regard for CNN” and said that he looked forward “to my next step with great anticipation.”