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Perhaps emboldened by word that Randy Michaels would be resigning under pressure from his post as CEO of the Tribune Co., the Los Angeles Times and the Chicago Tribune are reporting new allegations of inappropriate behavior on the part of their outgoing leader. “Several times earlier this year, Michaels and others gathered in the executive offices with laser pointers, shining them out the window and laughing loudly enough to be heard down the hall as they targeted pedestrians and an office building,” the Times reported. “Twice, Tribune Co. security received complaints that the lights were bothering occupants.” The newspaper quoted a source as saying, “It’s immature. … It’s not what I want my CEO doing, not how I want him running the company.” A female former Tribune corporate employee told the Chicago Tribune that Michaels had her crouch down beside him at his desk then remarked, “Did anyone tell you that you’d look really good on your knees?'”