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Lee Abrams, the former radio consultant who was appointed “chief innovation officer” at Tribune Co. and who has suffered through two years of ridicule by media commentators for his rambling, stream-of-consciousness memos to Tribune staff, has sent an email apology to “everyone who was offended” by his latest memo. Apparently directed at Tribune’s television employees, the memo included links to newscast parodies from, including one purportedly showing the crash of a bus filled with reality-show contestants that spilled “more than 2,000 pounds of slut onto the highway.” Abrams described the videos as “pretty inspirational or at least interesting.” In his apology on Tuesday, he said that he had used “poor judgment” by including such offensive links. Earlier in the day the memo had been brought to the attention of Tribune’s Human Relations department by Chicago Tribune Editor Gerould Kern. Abrams said that he has asked that his memo be deleted from the Tribune’s server.