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November 17, 2010 by · 1 Comment 

After being eliminated as a contestant on ABC’s Dancing With the Stars despite receiving a perfect score on one of her dances Monday night, singer Brandy showed up on ABC’s late-night Jimmy Kimmel Live, where she received condolences and support from the host. Referring to the fact that Bristol Palin, who received far lower scores from the judges, remained a finalist, Kimmel remarked to Brandy, “This was an outrage what happened tonight, true?” The singer, however, refused to play along. Although she was seen in tears following her elimination and was being prodded by Kimmel (“Lets not have one of those ‘everything’s great, everything’s friendly’ things”) Brandy responded, “I have no regrets. I think that … what I’ve gained from the show is unbelievable.” Meanwhile, controversy over the voting procedures became more heated as some Palin supporters acknowledged online that they were using phony email addresses (they are not verified) to vote for Palin — and that they were voting for her dozens of times. Numerous conservative blogs were urging members to get out the vote for Bristol as a means of demonstrating grass-roots support for her mother. But the results have also set off a backlash. On the show’s website, numerous viewers wrote that they would no longer watch the show because of the outcome. Their views, however, did not appear to be immediately reflected in Tuesday’s ratings as DWTS drew 17.2 million viewers. Meanwhile, Bristol’s 16-year-old sister Willow has generated a controversy of her own, according to gossip website, by unleashing obscenities at an online Facebook critic of her mother’s Alaska series on TLC, concluding with “Your [sic] such a f**got.”