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Conan O’Brien may be taking some of the advice from network executives that he spurned when he hosted NBC’s Tonight show. In the recently published The War for Late Night, author Bill Carter, who covers television for the New York Times, writes that the execs repeatedly urged O’Brien to mingle with and interact with the studio audience more often, but that O’Brien felt more comfortable doing prepared shtick. However, it was clear that a highlight of last Thursday’s telecast occurred while O’Brien was straining to get laughs for his opening monologue. When he mentioned the new Harry Potter movie, the audience came alive and began cheering. While surveying the crowd, O’Brien spotted a young man in the front dressed in full Potter regalia, including a lightning bolt painted on his forehead. He quickly departed from the teleprompter to question the man, even leaving the stage to come into the audience and give him a hug when he began to look upset. TBS quickly posted a clip of the incident on its Team Coco website. On Friday, Nielsen reported that ratings for Conan‘s second week on TBS dropped 41 percent from the previous week, averaging 1.72 million viewers, 1.29 million of whom were in the key 18-49 year-old demographic. MediaPost quoted Brad Adgate of Horizon Media as saying, “The issue is whether it has plateaued — or will it drop further like TBS’ Lopez Tonight had done.”