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Not only did Tuesday night’s election produce gigantic wins for conservatives, but it also produced similar wins for the conservative Fox News Channel. According to Nielsen research, Fox News averaged 7 million viewers during primetime versus 2.4 million for CNN and 2 million for MSNBC. Among the target demo of 25-54-year-olds, Fox News attracted 2.4 million viewers, compared with 1 million for CNN and 669,000 for MSNBC. (Since Fox’s core audience is overwhelmingly conservative, the ratings figures would appear to call into question analysts’ observations that the conservative movement is dominated by older partisans.) As the broadcast networks began their own primetime election-night coverage at 10:00 p.m., Fox News continued to hold its own, averaging 6.9 million viewers versus 6.1 million for NBC, 6 million for CBS, and 5.9 million for ABC. By contrast, on election night 2008, CNN drew the most viewers, 12.3 million, while Fox News averaged 9 million and MSNBC, 5.9 million. On election night 2006, Fox News averaged just 3.1 million viewers.