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ABC’s Dancing with the Stars far outdistanced the competition Monday night (probably including Monday Night Football on ESPN, although no ratings for the telecast have yet been released; the games have averaged about 15 million viewers). Dancing dominated the first two hours of primetime as it averaged 20.38 million viewers, peaking in the final half-hour with 22.14 million. In the battle for 10:00 p.m. supremacy, ABC’s Castle, thanks to that 22-million viewer lead-in, remained in the lead with 11.75 million viewers, edging out CBS’s Hawaii Five-0 with 10.34 million viewers. Earlier in the evening, NBC’s 8:00 p.m. Matt Lauer interview with former President George W. Bush captured 7.03 million viewers. Everything else on NBC’s Monday-night schedule, however, flamed out, with the much heralded newcomer Event falling to 5.52 million viewers, followed by Chase with 4.54 million.