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In his review of Sarah Palin’s Alaska, an eight-part series produced by Survivor creator Mark Burnett that debuts on TLC Sunday, New York Daily News TV columnist David Hinckley writes that “the title came out backwards. It should have been Alaska’s Sarah Palin.” It is an opinion with which Palin probably wouldn’t disagree. In an interview appearing in today’s (Friday) USA Today, Palin describes the series as “a way to undo a lot of the untruths, inaccuracies and lies about our family,” she says. “This is a way to show — as we’re showcasing Alaska — what our family is all about.” Segments of the show do indeed appear to have more to do with Palin than Alaska. There’s an extended sequence dealing with the fact that writer Joe McGinniss has rented a house next to hers while he writes a book about her. At one point, she asks, “How would you feel if some dude who was out to get ya moved in 15 feet away from your kids?” Later in the show, she asks, “Is he taking pictures?” In Time magazine, columnist James Poniewozik commented that her remark might seem “more sympathetic if you forget that this intimate moment is being captured by a team of reality-TV cameras.” Last week McGinniss himself threatened to sue the show’s producers if they did not remove images of him reading a book on his porch from the show. (His face was blurred out in the final version.) But, by and large, the premiere episode of Sarah Palin’s Alaska is receiving positive reviews. Even Alessandra Stanley, the TV critic for the New York Times (a newspaper that is anathema in the minds of many Palin supporters), commented: “The TLC program highlights her physical bravery, but the series’s existence points to a different kind of courage: Ms. Palin is not afraid to be herself.”