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Bristol Palin may have landed in last place in the judges’ voting on Dancing with the Stars Monday, but it’s the public vote that counts, and thus far the public has been rallying to her each week. The winner of the contest is due to be announced tonight (Tuesday). In an interview during the show, Palin echoed her mother’s words when she remarked, “There’s lots of haters out there who are just waiting for me to fail. That’s just going to give me more motivation to prove they’re wrong.” Alluding to the controversy, host Tom Bergeron remarked, “If you don’t vote, don’t complain, and please don’t shoot your TV” (a reference to the Wisconsin man who became so enraged by Palin’s selection to become a finalist last week that he shot up his TV set.) Meanwhile, Palin found unexpected support from fellow contestant Jennifer Grey, who scored a perfect 60 points from the judges on Monday’s show. Grey told Entertainment Tonight that viewers should “vote for who they enjoy watching dance, or who they enjoy seeing change, or who they enjoy seeing evolve. … It’s not about who’s the best dancer.”