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NBC Universal’s outgoing chief Jeff Zucker has acknowledged that he made “poor choices” in his selection of executives to run the broadcast network.”I made poor choices,” Zucker said. “Ninety percent of the executive team we got right, but I made poor choices at NBC Entertainment and we couldn’t turn it around.” During an interview at the Paley Center for Media on Thursday, CNBC host Jim Cramer observed that the company’s cable business — CNBC is part of it — has been a “shining light” compared to the broadcast business. But with more and more video programming being offered online, he asked, is there a possibility that cable could face the same erosion of subscribers that the newspaper business has experienced? Zucker replied, “We’re not the newspaper business.” He insisted that newspapers had failed to adopt successfully to the challenge from the Internet, whereas cable can be far more nimble, focusing not on scheduled programming in the future but on providing compelling shows. “In an on-demand world,” he said, “content matters more than schedules.” Finally, Zucker was asked whether he had any regrets about moving Jay Leno to 10:00 p.m. “I don’t regret what we did,” he told Cramer. ” I regret that we didn’t get it right. … If the show had been a little stronger, it probably would have been a genius move. The difference between it not working and a genius move was a couple tenths of a rating point.”