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Larry King may be having second thoughts about leaving his nightly CNN talk show. At the end of an interview with Russian Prime Minister Vladimir Putin Wednesday, he sounded a bit like Jay Leno after Leno learned that he would no longer be able to host the Tonight show after 2009. With the interview nearly over, Putin himself asked, “Can I ask you one question?” King replied, “Sure.” At which point the Russian leader asked, “I don’t know why? But the King leaves the scene at the U.S. stage?” King then interjected, almost ruefully, “I sometimes don’t know why myself.” Putin then continued: “At the U.S. stage. In the U.S. mass media there are many talented and interesting people, but still there is just one King there. I don’t ask, ‘Why he is leaving?’ But still what do you think — when shall we have a right to cry out, ‘Long live the King?’ When will there be another man who is as popular in the whole world as you happen to be?” King: “Thank you, thank you. I have no answer.”