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December 12, 2010 by · 1 Comment 

Although its first weekend brought in just $20.5 million, making it the worst debut for a Tom Cruise-starring movie since 1992’s Far and Away, Knight and Day has gone on to become 20th Century Fox’s top-grossing 2010 release. is reporting that the film grossed $262.3 million worldwide, with $76.4 million attributed to its domestic box office. The film’s opening results in the U.S. touched off a flurry of commentaries hostile to Cruise, several of them suggesting that he had now jumped from Oprah’s couch into oblivion. The website quoted an unnamed industry insider as saying after the weekend results came in, "I just don’t see how even the eerily eternally optimistic Tom can see this as anything but very bad news, maybe even the end of Tom’s long career." But the commentators reckoned without the admiration that Cruise still attracts abroad — and the fact that Knight and Day, while formulaic, is a visual romp that vaults over the language barrier. In cinema-crazy India the movie had the third-highest opening of the year. In the U.K., the Guardian newspaper blog featured a critique by Jeremy Kay, the Los Angeles-based writer for the British trade publication Screen International, asking in its headline, “Why are the knives so out for Cruise in Knight and Day?” Kay pointed a finger at the “entertainment press” (presumably celebrity magazines and websites) “as moronic a pack of followers as you are ever likely to see beyond the rural confines of a sheep trial.