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David Letterman may have lost some of his younger viewers to Conan O’Brien following O’Brien’s move to TBS, but he assured his audience Tuesday night that he and O’Brien remain on friendly terms. With band leader Paul Shaffer playing straight man, Letterman said on Late Show that he had made a phone call to O’Brien earlier that day. “He’s a very nice fellow, and I wanted to say hi and make sure everything was fine, and everything is fine,” Letterman remarked, triggering much applause from his studio audience. Shaffer then interjected, “I know you always got along. You say you gave him a call just to make sure everything is OK?” Letterman: “I thought for the holiday — I hadn’t spoken to him for some time, and I just wanted to say hello and wish him the best.” Shaffer: “Very nice, very nice.” Then, after a beat, Letterman looked away from the camera and muttered, “Not like that snake Leno.” In New York Times writer Bill Carter’s recent book, The War for Late Night, Carter revealed that O’Brien was asked to appear with Letterman, Leno and Oprah Winfrey in that surprise Super Bowl ad last February. Carter quoted O’Brien as saying at the time, “No f***ing way I’m doing that. It’s not a joke to me — it’s real.”