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Box office revenue for the holiday weekend plunged deeper than originally estimated, led by Little Fockers, which, although landing in first place, took in $30.8 million, down from Sunday’s estimate of $34 million. The Chronicles of Narnia: Voyage of the Dawn Treader, came in at $9.48 million, down from Sunday’s estimate of $10.8 million. And Gulliver’s Travels turned out to be a more gigantic dud than the studio had anticipated, taking in just $6.31 million (Saturday and Sunday only) versus the $7.2 million that the studio thought it would wind up with. Overall receipts (three studios, Paramount, Sony and Warner Bros., were closed and did not report final results on Monday) were down 49 percent from a year ago, when Avatar ruled the holiday box office with $86.5 million.

The top ten films over the weekend, according to final figures compiled by Box Office Mojo (figures in parentheses represent total gross to date):

1. Little Fockers, Universal, $30,833,665, 1 Wk. ($45,083,800 — From Wednesday); 2. True Grit, Paramount, $25,600,000, 1 Wk. ($36,818,000 — From Wednesday) estimate; 3. Tron: Legacy, Disney, $19,151,498, 2 Weeks, 87,373,703); 4. The Chronicles of Narnia: The Voyage of the Dawn Treader, 20th Century Fox, $9,478,043, 3 Wks. ($62,597,030); 5. Yogi Bear, Warner Bros., $8,800,000, 2 Wks. ($36,785,000); 6. The Fighter, Paramount, $8,500,000, 3 Wks. ($27,574,000) estimate; 7. Tangled, Disney, $6,427,816, 5 Wks. ($143,695,323); 8. Gulliver’s Travels, 20th Century Fox, $6,307,691, 1 Wk. ($6,307,691 — Saturday and Sunday); 9. Black Swan, Fox Searchlight, $6,254,986, 4 Wks. ($28,689,060); 10. The Tourist, Sony, $5,700,000, 3 Wks. ($41,200,000) estimate.

  • t. davis

    Some blame it on the weather. But the sad truth is that most of the films are just not that entertaining or exciting. A good example is The Fighter. That’s not good money for 3 weeks. Why? Because it’s boring. Nobody cares about a crackhead or a bunch of fussy women. And all the hype in the world won’t make it connect to people. Don’t expect it to get any better.