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It was reportedly the first professional football game played on a Tuesday since 1946. No matter. Tuesday’s solecistically named Sunday Night Football telecast between the Minnesota Vikings and the Philadelphia Eagles, postponed because of the weekend blizzard, attracted 23.74 million viewers, making it one of the highest-rated regular-season football games in history. One day earlier ESPN’s Monday Night Football — the final game of the season for the cable network — drew 19.4 million viewers, even while ratings for the four major broadcast networks tanked. The exploding football ratings come at a time when the NFL is pushing for expansion of the regular season and possibly creating a new TV package on a new night. Commenting on such a possibility, Joe Flint, the Los Angeles Times‘s entertainment business reporter, noted that there is a downside to such expansion. “By adding games and expanding to another night,” he said, “the league risks over-saturating the market with games and diluting its strength.”