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Following the theatrical release of Jackass 3D in October, chief jackass Johnny Knoxville told interviewers as he promoted the movie that he had shot enough footage to make another one. Details about the new production were disclosed by Paramount on Tuesday: First of all, it won’t be released theatrically; second of all, it won’t be in 3D. The studio said that it intends to release a series of 10-minute online videos that will be streamed weekly on YouTube and/or Hulu beginning in March and at the same time made available for downloading — for an undisclosed price — on Apple’s iTunes and other similar sites. The videos will then be collected into a feature package, Jackass 3.5, that will go directly to DVD in early summer, Paramount said. To broaden international interest in the new movie, Knoxville said that he had shot additional footage in Europe in October and November while he was promoting Jackass 3-D, which has collected $116.1 million domestically but only $38.9 million abroad.