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December 31, 2010 by · 1 Comment 

In an interview with BBC Radio, Rupert Everett appears to side with Richard Chamberlain, another openly gay actor, that “coming out” can wreck the chances of a gay actor being cast in romantic lead roles.

Rupert Everett

While a thumbnail biography of Everett appearing on the IMDb website concludes that Everett’s decision to disclose his homosexuality disproves “the theory that a truly talented and successful romantic leading man cannot survive the career-killing stigma of being openly gay,” Everett told the BBC that after he came out, “I just never got a job [in Hollywood] and I never had another job here for, I don’t know, ten years probably.” Everett was able to find some film work, but not as a romantic leading man. His credits include dozens of films and television shows since his 1989 revelation, many of them in gay roles. Indeed, he now expresses concern that these days some of the best gay roles are being taken by straight actors. “I think that’s fine,” he said, “but that does mean the gay actor who used to just get to play the gay part — like me — has been reduced to drag really.”