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Former MSNBC host David Shuster, who was suspended by the NBC-controlled cable network after it discovered that he had been auditioning for an anchor’s job at rival CNN, had nothing but praise for his former employers on Tuesday. Filling in on a syndicated radio talk show in Wednesday, Shuster, who had worked for MSNBC for more than eight years, said, “I have nothing but good feelings toward MSNBC.” However, when asked about his feelings towards Fox News, where he had worked for six years prior to his MSNBC stint, he replied, “A very wise man once told me: I should never talk about Fox after having worked there. Just because, no good could come out of saying what I really feel.” Nevertheless he had high praise for Fox anchor Shepard Smith, whom he called, “probably the premiere anchor/journalist of my generation.” However, he said, the channel is “dedicated to a very sharp point of view” that amounts to “partisan politics.”