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ABC’s No Ordinary Family may be seeing its ratings jump in recent weeks, and CBS’s NCIS: Los Angeles may remain one of the most-watch series on television, but both were beaten in the all-important 18-49 demographic on Tuesday by Univision’s Spanish-language telenovela Soy Tu Dueña, according to Nielsen Research. It beat out every other English-language show on the air as well. True, overall viewing for the night may have been down due to the holiday shopping season and the fact that most of the English-language shows were in reruns. Nevertheless, the numbers boosted the confidence of Univision Networks president Cesar Conde, who told the Hollywood Reporter. “Univision is committed to becoming the No. 1 television network in the United States among Adults 18-49, regardless of language, within the next five years and our ability to deliver top quality programming like Soy Tu Dueña allows us to further advance on this goal.”