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January 20, 2011 by · 1 Comment 

Ricky Gervais insists that he is not concerned about the negative reaction from members of the Hollywood Foreign Press Association to his stinging jokes during Sunday night’s Golden Globe presentations. In remarks taped for airing on CNN’s Piers Morgan Tonight, Gervais says, “It’s not my job to worry about what people think of me, that’s the job of a politician. I don’t care what people think of me. They hired me for a job … and if they didn’t want me, they shouldn’t have hired me.” In the interview with Morgan, Gervais makes no apologies for his Golden Globes comments. “I don’t think I did anything wrong,” he says. “Those were like jibes at these people, and I’m sure they’ve got a sense of humor.” Meanwhile, published reports said Wednesday that Gervais will make a cameo appearance on next week’s episode of The Office as David Brent, the role he played in the original British version of the series, which he co-created. In an interview with New York magazine’s Vulture blog, producer Paul Lieberstein confirmed that the brief scene with Gervais as Brent and Steve Carell as Michael Scott was taped last September and that the show had hoped to keep it a surprise. “We didn’t even tell NBC at first,” Lieberstein said.