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Jay Leno has finally gotten around to responding to Howard Stern’s attack on him last January. Appearing during the first week of Piers Morgan’s CNN show, the intrepid shock jock, who had mildly criticized Leno in the past (like calling his performance “horrible”), accused Leno of plagiarism. “Jay is insane. And Jay is a crook. And the world knows exactly what he’s up to,” said Stern. “He steals a tremendous amount of material.” Asked by about Stern’s attack, Leno replied, “I’ve never had a reputation for taking other peoples material. But that’s Howard’s thing. If he can get any traction with it — good luck. Let me know if any other comics agree with him, and then we’ll deal with it. But Howard is Howard, that’s what he does, the idea is you try to pick a fight with somebody and then they fight with you back in the media. And I don’t do that, I just ignore him.”