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February 18, 2011 by · 1 Comment 

Aliens versus teenagers battling it out on a high-school campus. The premise of I Am Number Four seems like it would make for a surefire hit at the box office. But it makes the Chicago Sun-Times’s movie critic, Roger Ebert, downright exasperated. It’s sad, he writes, “when a movie casts aside all shame, demonstrates itself willing to rip off anything that might attract audiences, and nevertheless fails.” It all may be shameless, but Gary Thompson in the Philadelphia Daily News suggests that director D.J. Caruso knows how to pack them in at the multiplex. He “makes movies that are cheerfully unoriginal and empty of calories, but propulsive, and Four is in that vein.” Michael Phillips in the Chicago Tribune has the chutzpah to make the comment that many of his cohorts probably restrained themselves from making: “I Am Number Four has more than a whiff of number two about it,” he writes. Nevertheless, a few critics — Brett Favre fans no doubt — don’t spare their applause for Number Four. The ending sets up the possibility of a sequel, and Roger Moore in the Orlando Sentinel says that it “makes this a franchise I won’t mind seeing progress to a second movie.” And Randy Cordova compares the movie with a good episode of the young Superman series Smallville: “You may feel a bit silly watching it if you’re past high-school age, but you just might have a good time.”