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Questions arose again on Tuesday over why Time Warner continues to operate two film companies, Warner Bros. and New Line Cinema, after reported that New Line releases will be cut in half — from eight to four — annually. Deadline indicated that the decision was made by Warner Bros.’ new chief Jeff Robinov, who it said plans to reduce the number of movies the division plans to release “in order to be able to focus attention on its winners.” Shareholders have long complained that studios put out too many films each year, to which studio executives have generally replied that diversity spreads the risk — that seemingly sure-fire hits sometimes bomb and arty, off-beat flicks sometimes triumph. Deadline reported that New Line, the onetime home for successful off-beat flicks — but better known today as the home of the Lord of the Rings franchise, including (with MGM) the upcoming two-part The Hobbit — will remain a separate entity, headed by Toby Emmerich, but, said Deadline’s source, “he may not like the structure of the company and decide to move on.”