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Watson, a Jeopardy contestant who was in fact an IBM computer, last week brought the syndicated game show its biggest audience since May of 2005 and boosted its ratings some 30 percent over the same week a year ago, according to Nielsen Research. Of the three nights that the computer fielded questions, Tuesday ranked highest. Even on Wednesday, the only show during primetime that drew a bigger audience than Jeopardy, which airs in the primetime access hour, was Fox’s American Idol. Nevertheless, many longtime fans of the show took to the Internet to complain about Watson’s appearance. On the South Florida Sun-Sentinel‘s website, one angry fan wrote, “I felt that both human contestants were overwhlmed and demeaned by this robotic experience.” TV columnist Tom Jicha agreed, maintaining that the matchup was merely a ratings gimmick “concocted for sweeps month.” He added, “It could have been worse It could have been Porn Actress Week.” To which another writer commented, “And exactly how is Porn Actress Week a bad thing?”