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James Franco and Anne Hathaway

The selection of James Franco and Anne Hathaway to host this year’s Oscars telecast was a mistake, a high-ranking member of the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences has acknowledged. In an interview with the Hollywood Reporter, the member, who asked not to be identified, said, “A lot of us said Franco, who is a good actor, is the wrong guy when it was announced. … We questioned the TV value of both hosts, and it turned out to be right.” The member also complained about allowing the show’s producers to select the hosts, without any input from the Academy’s board of governors. But Academy President Tom Sherak disagreed, saying “When you hire producers, you have to have confidence they are going to put on the show you are looking for.” Yet Sherak himself voiced discontent with the performance of the two hosts, remarking that “the chemistry seemed to be off” between them and adding: “The problem is, in the past when you have a comic, that comic can play off what happens on the show. … I think that was missing. I think they were doing their job. Franco is a very charming guy, but sometimes you need a comic to make fun of things.”

  • Adam Bolden

    Franco/Hathway wasn’t a “poor choice,” it was a good choice that just didn’t work. I’m afraid of them talking like that because it means we could get another horrible Jon Stewart show or Martin/Baldwin again (which worked, but I’d prefer a brand new host/set of hosts). In fact, the best choice might just be to not have a host and just let the presenters entertain respectively.

  • JB Early

    Gee I feel as if I’m replying to myself-er um I mean Me. . .. I agree Neil could do it well.

  • JB Early

    If Academy “members” are too oblivious to know “actors” are typically only as good as the director(s) & writer(s), maybe they shouldn’t be in the Academy. Those kids tried, don’t bad mouth them. Just don’t repeat the kind of casting next time. While I certainly feel the proceedings should have a somewhat disciplined tone, levity where appropriate is critical, as is gravitas. But in no way should this stuff be boring.

  • happycozy

    The producer(s) who thought it was a good idea to let Franco and Hathaway host a program that’s difficult for seasoned performers, like David Letterman and Jon Stewart, to host needs to be fired. Apparently everyone but the producers saw that trainwreck coming before it happened.

  • happycozy

    And every year the show gets worse.

  • Neko

    We need Robert Downey Jr. and Ben Stiller to host!

  • Lindsayc

    Wow – you need a life, pronto. You seriously found it THAT important to work overtime so you could watch the Academy Awards?? Furthermore, you are THIS upset about the show? It is pretty sad that you have children that will most-likely grow up to value this type of meaningless bullshit.. Ugh, always the idiots that procreate the most….

  • Lindsayc

    Actually, Ben Stiller just needs to disappear from existence.

  • Tffoz

    They did fine, especially Hathaway, who is a natural! The Academy rep is stupid to say anything publicly, because it only sheds negative light on the academy and himself. I also liked Ricky Gervais, by the way. Neil Patrick Harris’ style of humor is not my favorite.. The awards ceremony is just that, an awards ceremony, so ppl need to get over the idea that it should be some perfect form of entertainment. I liked the mix of classic andyouthful parts of this year’s ceremony. Well done to the producers!

  • Troy

    Those A.M.P.A.S. guys are idiots, I loved James Franco and Anne Hathaway as hosts!

  • Hugh Teddy

    Anne Hathaway is a comic, she was hilarious. James Franco just stood their like a Lemon. He was the problem. If she had anybody else with her, *cough* Jake Gyllenhaal *cough*, it would have been perfect

  • Me

    Good for you, but you’re not everyone and you know what he’s talking about. I liked the segment myself (even wish they’d done more with it), but it’s still odd for them to establish they want to draw in younger audiences (using hosts that are “young and hip”), and then kick off with a Gone With the Wind reference.

  • Summer28s

    There was no chemistry between the two hosts.

  • Me

    The last paragraph of your rant was pathetic. You come across as just another person trying to showcase yourself as “socially conscientious”. If you can think of any specific minority projects or performances TRULY deserving of Oscar nods that were overlooked, NAME THEM. Otherwise, stick a sock in it. Suggesting minorities should perhaps be nominated for the sake of “representation” and not on merit of work, which is what your comments otherwise sound like, is idiotic.

  • Uncle Richie

    You have to put faith that the producers are going to deliver the show you’re looking for? BULL. If you’re paying, you should be on top of every decision that might cost you money or credibility. The Academy totally dropped the ball by blindly putting their faith in the substandard producers.

  • Kyle Targus

    As much as James Franco absurdly underplayed, Anne Hathaway was ridiculously over-the-top. Her constant screeching and whooping were annoying. You knew the show was a mess practically from the beginning, but this was confirmed when Franco came out as Marilyn Monroe, but with no comic payoff. There should be no more Billy Crystal. Been there, done that. He’s starting to look like Marty Rossi. There’s one obvious choice to host and that’s actor Kevin Spacey who has proved he can sing, dance, and tell jokes. His appearances on Letterman are fun. Also, although I doubt the movie-oriented Academy would go for this, Broadway star Nathan Lane would be a nature and genius choice. He’s funny and can wing it and tell jokes and do quick costume changes.

  • PG

    It’s only one of the most famous movies ever made. That is the real point of the Academy Awards. Not this fixation with whatever the kids want. Otherwise you’re simply chasing the MTV Awards.

    Oh yeah, when I was a “kid” I had plenty of respect for “Gone With The Wind”, so it has nothing to do with age. Get with it.

  • PG

    We did not see the same show. It was not a good job. But then you don’t have actors do this, you get comics.

  • PG

    The MTV Movie Awards are a lame joke in no small way because of those “unique categories”. Nobody pays attention to them because of that. Bad idea.

    And the whole notion of the Oscars being “young and hip”, everyone should give THAT up. The Oscars should be what they are, and everyone who cares will watch. Everyone else, who cares?

  • PG

    Franco and Hathaway were a poor choice- you need people that can improv through the night, not pleasant actors trying to stick to rehearsed routines. Jon Stewart was great too, much better than these two.

  • Globmi

    I think ROBERT DOWNEY JR. would be perfect host! 😉

  • Kathybales

    I have to agree, Franco and Hathaway were a disappointment but it really wasn’t their fault. Nice people, the casting was just wrong.

  • The Movie God

    Anne Hathway overdid it. James Franco underplayed it, that’s what an actor does when they don’t know what they’re doing and that’s what you get when you hire an actor and not a comedian. Don’t know how Franco’s name ever came up for the biggest presenting gig in the world with no experience and no visible sense of humour (the desperation of sticking Franco onstage in a woman’s dress to get a laugh was evident). A bizzare choice and it blew up in the Academy’s face.

  • Jwkearse2

    Hathaway was good. Franco was not so much. But I’m most annoyed at the Academy President and the nameless coward member who had the bad taste of reporting. Imagine how that makes Hathaway and Franco feel. And that nameless member even had the nerve of not only bashing the two hosts, but also didn’t take responsibility for the decision. Basically he was saying that he knew it was bad before it happened, but it was not his fault. What a coward. The Academy President, at least, had the good manners of saying something nice about the two. If they had put Hathaway with someone who was funny and spontaneous, I think it would have been a really good show.

  • Emily

    Dear Academy, poor choice it is to make public statements like this one. Where are your manners, gentlemen?

  • Cmalcolm

    I agree with whoever suggested Steve Carrel & Tina Fey….they would be great. All those years of Bob Hope
    (a comedian) hosting were great, the Academy should remember that! Anne Hathaway did the best she
    could, Franco looked much too nervous and unsure of himself. Next time go with at least one comedian.

  • Kaity

    Wow, I think that’s very rude of the academy to come out and say that. But how do u think James and Anne feel now? They’re probably crushed that so many people r criticizing them. I liked them. I also liked the little mash of movies in the begining. Remember they never found out the secret to hosting the Oscars… I dont like how so many people r coming out and saying they stunk when I liked them. Sure James could’ve been more talkative, but maybe he was nervous? I mean he was nominated for an Oscar , & I wouldve been. I think I’m more upset over who won then who hosted.

  • Lexonas

    Robert Downey Jr. and Jude Law all the way! They are both really funny, charming and charismatic. They have perfect chemistry together and their bit was great at the oscars.

  • Rphastings

    While I do NOT think that Sandra Bullock should have won her Oscar last year, she did show promise as a potential host this year when she introduced Best Actor. She has a little charm to her (which is probably the only reason she has her golden statue). You combine her with a younger male (Ryan Reynolds) who has a history of being funny and who has developed chemistry with the other host and you’ve got something. This is coming from someone who could do without the majority of either of these two artists’ films.

  • Nick Name

    Franco & Hathaway are actors. The Academy Awards program needs an Entertainer, not an actor. Period..

  • Nick M

    I read an article where they said that the Oscars needed to be hosted by someone like Billy Crystal or Hugh Jackman. Last time I checked, the Academy said that Jackman was a mistake and that the year he hosted was the worst ever. I think the worst ever was when Rob Lowe sang with Snow White.
    I thought they did fine.

  • todd

    I like them.

  • Alan Cooley

    Yeah, Gone with the Wind is one of my favorite movies. (22 y/o male here) I liked seeing it showcased at the awards, but they weren’t too consistent with showcasing other films in the same way. The whole production was lost, wandering from one possible running theme to another. Franco seemed bored – and I didn’t even like him too much in 127 Hours. Hathaway was pretty good, although I didn’t like her singing about Hugh Jackman. The show seemed to have no direction. Fire the producers, try something new, and see if it works next year.

  • JCWest

    The by far best host in the last years was Hugh Jackman! He proofed it in 2009.

  • Losshiras

    I can’t believe only one person suggested Kevin Spacey on here, while more suggested people like Sandra Bullock. Has everyone forgotten about his guy? He can act, sing, dance, improv, tell jokes, do impressions. He is almost more entertaining as himself than he is on the big screen. He would be perfect……And they should never, ever use two hosts, then they wouldn’t need to worry about chemistry. The two best hosts ever, Bob Hope and Billy Crystal, didn’t need help. The Academy Awards are what they are. People don’t vote on who wins, or who presents, or who performs, and the part of the public they are trying to pander to by choosing these hosts probably only saw 2 of the nominees for best picture anyway, plus Toy Story (which I prefer to believe was only nominated in a dream), so what did they expect?
    Go back to what made the awards great. It’s a night for insiders, people in the industry, to recognize themselves as we look in. The host needs to be an entertainer, not just an actor (big difference).

  • Kates

    The truth is they have been messing with what works for years. It is an awards show and the entertainment factor was lost years ago. Whether it is actors or comedians or entertainers that host it, millions of people will watch it, the ratings won’t be hurt, so they’ll pretty much do what they want.

  • dglizardking

    Dave Chappelle should be the next host!

  • Anonymous

    Kevin Spacey for 2012.

  • Texasguy11363

    Tina Fey and Steve Carrell would be an excellent choice. I also like the chemistry between Adam Sandler and Jennifer Anniston.

  • Pitpendulum

    Announcing the bad choice is indeed tacky, but serves a purpose in backing against the wall to cover one’s ass. Or all of their collective asses.

  • Pitandthependulum

    Franco also has a doctorate he’s pursuing at Yale, concurrently. Kinda had his head in another place. As for hosting, it’s a once ion a lifetime opp- why not give it a try, and to hell with the critics? Gervais tried to kick it, and he got thumped. Who’s the lesser host?

  • Kris C

    I liked them just fine. Not Franco as much as Hathaway, but they weren’t bad… I especially liked Anne’s unabashed and over the top glee with doing her job. If I were there, I would probably be screaming too!! It is nice to see someone who seems genuinely excited about being there and gets the importance of the evening. For the same reason, I really liked the woman who won best supporting actress. She was excited and thrilled to be there and then forgot to be calm and stuffy and dropped the f-bomb! I loved it!

  • Dan G.

    I like the Kevin Spacey suggestion. Steve Carrell and Tina Fey might be a good choice for a duo. I watched the Golden Globes because of Ricky Gervais, but his humor is more mean-spirited (I loved it!) and might not be for everyone. Billy Crystal was fantastic, because he is clever funny as opposed to mean-spirited funny.

    I do think it is wrong of the Academy to come out and speak poorly of this year’s hosts. Anne did a good job. Some things worked, some things did not. Boring acceptance speeches do more to bring down the show if anything. A good entertainer host is needed to pick the show back up.

  • Me

    I really hope that this was sarcasm and that in fact, you do know how to use your brain. I’ve read a lot of stupid shit, but really.

  • SUE

    I thought Anne Hathaway gave it her all. She really had to work for two because honestly James Franco
    looked stoned. He expressions, including his half masked glassy eyes and sleepy look said it all.
    “Get me out of here as soon as possible” I hope they choose more carefully next year.

  • Curtcholden

    Host,for next year, Kirk Douglas……& I mean that !

  • waterbase

    I am really puzzled what happened to Franco. I wish he would clear it up one day.

    He seems to be a guy able of being humourous and ease in front of audience ( his performance in the ‘Milk’ and ‘Pineapple Express’) … so something weird must have happened backstage …

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