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March 28, 2011 by · 1 Comment 

Spending on advertising in movie theaters grew 12.7 percent to $658.26 million in 2010, the Cinema Advertising Council, said today (Monday). In a report prepared by the Los Angeles accounting firm Miller, Kaplan, Arase & Co., it was duly noted that not only were traditional theater advertisers increasing their spending but also several major brands began buying ads in theaters for the first time — not only on-screen, in clusters before movie trailers, but also in lobbies, where ad spending was up 38.4 percent. “More and more, brands are planning cinema as an integral part of their media mix in order to reach younger demographics and light TV viewers,” CAC President and Chairman Cliff Marks said in a statement. Moreover, he noted, the installation of digital projection systems throughout the country “make cinema the largest 3D platform in the U.S., giving brands the opportunity to present 3D advertising alongside the awesome content of 3D feature films on a mass scale.”